PuraKai - Eco-Friendly Clothing Made In the USA

Today 98% of clothing sold in the USA is made overseas and nearly all of it is made from materials that pollute our oceans, lakes, rivers, streams. We believe there's a better way to make clothing and we've committed to the following business practices. 

Number 1   Made in USA

Clothing Made in the USA

Our first commitment is to make all of our clothing entirely in the USA from a labor force of small manufacturers, which is a great way to keep production local and provide jobs for our fellow Americans. 

By working with small US based manufacturers we can produce clothing here in the USA that is competitively priced with equivalent clothing made overseas.

Number 2 - Responsible Threads

100% Organic Cotton ClothingOur second commitment is to make our clothing exclusively from Eco-friendly Responsible Threads such as Organic Cotton, Hemp and Merino Wool from sheep raised humanely in the USA.

And when we need to use a synthetic to choose fabrics like polyester made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Number 3 1% For the Planet


1% For The Planet MembersLastly we're committed to protecting the outdoors by becoming a member of 1% for the Planet and supporting several non-profits.

Billion Baby Turtles - So far in 1013 we've raised over $1,000 to protect turtle hatchlings in Pacuaure Beach Costa Rica.

San Diego Coastkeeper- We provide funds for projects that help provide fishable, swimmable and drinkable water in San Diego County.

Algolita Marine Research - Donating funds to provide Marine Debris Science Education Kits to San Diego Schools.