Made in America Clothing

When you support made in America clothing you are supporting change in America’s consumer supply chain that ultimately bring back jobs to America and boosts our economy.

With 98% of clothing sold in America being made overseas, and the recent unemployment level at an all-time high, it is hard to believe we are not manufacturing more of our own goods in America. The good news is that PuraKai is in the 2% of businesses that make their clothing in American, and working hard to bring back jobs to America. As consumers it is our choice to choose made in America clothing, over cheaper alternatives, and by doing so we can rebuild textile manufacturing in America.  

By purchasing made in America clothing you are not only help stimulate the economy, you are also benefiting by purchasing a higher quality item that is built to last longer than oversea mass production clothing. The quality of clothing made in America is often higher quality than clothing made overseas. There are many factors that make made in America clothing a superior choice such as, US manufactures adhere to strict environmental standards that are not enforced oversea which often results in polluted factories and mistreatment of workers. Additionally due to higher manufacturing costs in America, quality is closely monitored to ensure garments are well made, and workers are treated fairly. Oversea safety standards are low and harmful chemicals are not regulated causing concern for the workers, as well as the health on the consumers who wear these products.

Clothing made in America also helps bring back apparel and textile jobs to America. By supporting smaller manufactures that are making clothing in America we can create competitively priced organic cotton clothing here in America and the more people that buy this clothing the more we can increase the scale and further lower costs.   “If American’s buy 1% more of American made products, this will increase 200,000 jobs in the USA.” 1% of our consumer spending is a small price to pay to change 200,000 people’s lives by providing them with jobs. 1% of the money we already spend on products made overseas is a reasonable goal and a great place to start to hopefully build back manufacturing in America.