Eco Friendly Yoga Clothing

Yoga has hit the western hemisphere like a breath of fresh air! This ancient discipline aims to keep the mind, spirit and body in perfect harmony. Born in India over 5,000 years ago, yoga has reached America and taken it by storm. The most recent reports from Yoga Journal Magazine estimate that over 20 million people in the US practice yoga. Of those, a staggering 82% are females.

Eco yoga pants

The fashion industry caught on to this fact quickly because there is something women love more than yoga... clothes! Knowing that half the battle to feel good is to look good, in 2013 women spent a reported 27 billion dollars in yoga apparel.

These numbers are expected to increase by 4.8 % annually for the next three years.The fashion industry has left significant footprints on our Eco system, namely our oceans. That is why PuraKai has developed an Eco friendly line of yoga apparel for women. Using 87% certified organic cotton and 13% spandex, the PuraKai Organic Cotton Yoga Pants are made with respect to the planet in mind.


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No chemicals are ever used for our clothes, only low-impact dyes to ensure minimum environmental impact. Our shirts are made with certified organic cotton, hemp or recycled materials, making them100% biodegradable and safe for our water ways. They are perfect for layering before, during or after the yoga studio. The beautiful and fun designs are inspired by our love of the ocean.

You don't have to sacrifice the environment in your quest for beautiful, comfortable yoga apparel. PuraKai makes it possible for you to have the ideal yoga clothes that will remain true to size and fit, without irritating chemicals. You will also contribute to our local economy because in our effort to minimize carbon and shipping footprint, all of our clothes are made in USA.

We can truly say these clothing products are amazingly comfortable!  True to size and zero shrinkage, these are the garments you've been looking for at a price you can afford. Don't compromise your love for the planet or quality.