Comfortable Cotton Clothing

 Cotton is the leading producer of men and women’s clothing. With cotton being comfortable and lasting durability it makes for a superior choice for all ages. Unfortunately, cotton is also the leading crop for pesticides and insecticides, making it extremely harmful to the workers and the consumers. Organic cotton has become increasingly more popular, as it doesn’t use any chemicals. This is important because these chemicals are not only on the cotton clothing we wear but it also seeps into our oceans and pollutes the water we swim in. That’s why PuraKai has made it our mission to only use organic fabrics for all of our clothing. One of the main fabrics we use is organic cotton. There are many reasons we choose to use organic cotton, such as it is amazingly comfortable due to its pure natural fibers, and ultra-thin weave. Organic cotton is also more durable than conventional cotton because it is not worn down by harsh chemicals or dyes.

 There are also many benefits to farmers who farm cotton organically, such as the organic cotton is more resilient and can survive through droughts and climates changes compared to conventional cotton. Without the use of pesticide farmers and their workers have a healthy work environment and are not exposed to these toxic chemicals. The current dilemma for cotton farmers is, there is not enough demand for organic cotton so they have to rely on these toxic crops to support their families and keep business running. That is why as consumers it is important as consumers to choose organic agriculture over the cheaper alternative. Cotton is amazingly comfortable due to its soft natural fibers, and stretches to be versatile for everyday wear. It also wicks away moisture from the body, and dries quickly. Organic cotton adds additional comfort because it is not treated with harsh chemicals, and the fabric can be weaved thinner. With an active lifestyle organic cotton is an amazingly comfortable option because it is also extremely durable. When organic cotton becomes wet it is 30% stronger, making it last longer when washed, and durable through whatever activities it endures.


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