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Using Clothing Care Tags To Shop Sustainable Fashion

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Posted by Bianca Kofman on Fri, Dec 19, 2014

At Purakai, we are a company committed to growing and making clothing in a manner that has the least negative environmental impact on our oceans as possible. As we've mentioned previously, we believe it is important to shop sustainable fashion in order to promote a better quality planet. There are a few ways to make shopping sustainably easier, and one of these ways is by knowing what to look for and where to look for it.

An easy method is by paying attention to care tags on the clothing garments. These tags can provide some valuable information to help you be a conscious shopper and make sure you're purchasing sustainable clothing.

A care tag usually indicates (1) where a product is made, (2) how to care for the product, and (3) what the product is made from. Below you'll find four ways care tags can assist you in sustainable shopping. 


#1 - Watch out for material percentages

If you're not sure if the product you're shopping is made from synthetic materials or not take a look at the care tag. A care tag will almost always describe what materials are used and how much of these materials make up the garment. When shopping sustainable fashion, look for 100% Organic Cotton or a mixture of 60% Hemp and 40% Organic Cotton. You can also look for merino wool as an alternative to shopping synthetic fabrics. 

#2 Pay Attention To Where It's Made

Another important piece of information you can find on a care tag is origin of creation of your garment. By shopping locally grown, organic fabrics you are promoting an increase in work quality for farm laborers. When purchasing international, many of times, you're purchasing cheap labor. Local, organic farms are safer for agricultural workers because they are faced with less chemicals from the synthetic fibers. We recommend you shop "Made in the USA" or "Made in California" products in order to get the highest quality and most sustainable pieces. 

#3 - Disregard some of the information

For instance, many of times, the care instructions can be disregarded and a more eco-friendly method can be used instead. Opting for cold water instead of hot and line drying instead of the dryer can save loads of energy!



Do you know how much we could change this planet for the better if we became mindful consumers? Being a mindful consumer means knowing why you shop where you do. It means paying attention to where your clothing is grown, manufactured and sourced. It also means making a conscious decision to shop more environmentally sustainable fashion brands.

By making these mindful decisions, we begin to make a difference for the ocean, the people around us and the creature who live here. Here are some tips on what to shop if you want to be a mindful consumer.

Now that you know what to look for, head over to Purakai.com and shop our sustainable threads

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