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Styling Purakai | Instagram Edition

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Posted by Bianca Kofman on Tue, Sep 30, 2014

As surfers, paddlers and yogi's we feel an obligation to help heal and protect the ocean and the earth. Purakai has joined forces with Instagramers across the globe to help share our mission. These individuals have fallen in love with the ocean and believe the idea that surf clothing should be made locally, using only ocean friendly fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, merino wool and recycled plastic, and that a portion of all purchases should go to support Ocean Conservation. Today, we're going to show you the perfect ways these conservationists, ocean lovers, surfers & yogi's style their Purakai clothing!


1. Dakota of @Sea_Vibes



2. Eryn of @Erynkrouse




3. Summer of @Summerbreezyxo



4. Cayden of @Caydenedman


5. Chrissy & Megan of @Thekindredstreet


In summary:

We're extremely grateful for the support we received from our amazing partners. If you're one of them we thank you for supporting a small clothing company created by a father and daughter on a mission to heal and protect the ocean. And if you haven't purchased from us yet, give us a try. We offer free returns and exchanges. 


Topics: Organic clothing made in USA, women's surf style fashion, eco friendly surf clothing

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