Eco Friendly Responsible Clothes

Our Mission

Clothing for a Pure Ocean

The mission of Purakai is to create amazingly comfortable clothing and apparel, to create it with the Pura Vida and Aloha spirit, and to use some of our profits to help protect and heal Mother Ocean. The name PURAKAI (POO-rah KaI) means “Pure Ocean”, as it comes from the Costa Rican phrase Pura Vida (Pure Life) and from the Aloha spirit of the Hawaiians, as Kai means ocean in Hawaiian.

The Spirit of Pura Vida and Aloha

Pura Vida literally translated means “Pure Life”, but contextually, it means “Full of Life” or “Purified life”. It is used as a greeting, a farewell, and to express satisfaction. Costa Ricans use the phrase to express a philosophy of strong community, perseverance, good spirits, enjoying life slowly, celebrating good fortune, whether small or large.

Aloha is well known as a greeting but it has a deeper meaning. Traditionally it was felt when meeting and acknowledging each other face to face. The first part of the word aloha is, Alo – which means to be in the presence of something.  And the ending of the word is, Ha, which means the breath of life, In the presence of the breath of life. It’s an understanding that all things living should have the same recognition of importance and respect.

Responsible Threads and Giving Back to Mother Ocean

So it is in that spirit that PURAKAI makes clothing, clothing for men, women and children, whether they surf, freedive, stand up paddle, kayak, make sand castles or just chillax in a beach chair. And our mission is to do good, our goal is to raise $1 million over the next ten years, and to use those dollars to help ocean researchers heal and protect the greatest resource on the planet, Mother Ocean, maybe someday allowing her to once again become a Pure Ocean.