Organic Cotton Clothing Made in the USA

When you support USA organic agriculture and organic cotton clothing that is made in the USA you are helping change the supply chain to bring jobs back to the USA. Not only does organic cotton help improve our environment; it also benefits the consumers who choose to purchase organic cotton clothing. One of the benefits of organic cotton clothing made in the USA is that organic cotton is softer than conventional grown cotton, and makes for amazingly comfCalifornia_Organic_Cotton_Farmer.jpgortable clothing.

Another reason to choose organic cotton clothing that is made in the USA is that the quality of items made in the USA is often higher quality than items made overseas. There are many factors that make made in the USA clothing a superior choice such as, US manufactures adhere to strict environmental standards that are not enforced over
sea which often results in polluted factories and mistreatment of workers. Additionally due to higher manufacturing costs in the USA, quality is monitored closely to unsure garments are well made and workers are educated to create durable products.

Organic clothing made in the USA also helps bring back apparel and textile jobs to the USA. Our economy is strongest when we have a manufacturing base. Since 98% of clothing that is sold in the USA is made oversea it is important to seek out manufactures that are helping bring back our local economy, and make the move to lower that percentage. By supporting smaller manufactures that are using organic cotton clothing and other organic textiles we can create competitively priced organic cotton clothing here in the USA and the more people that buy this clothing the more we can increase the scale and further lower costs. 

With 1,127 garment workers dying in Bangladesh is fast cheap fashion worth it? With PuraKai you not only support US workers with your purchase of organic cotton clothing, your dollars are a vote for ethically made clothing. Organic cotton has many benefits that out way conventional cotton but unfortunately it is still not a top producer of clothing. With PuraKai’s mission to create amazingly comfortable clothing that is made from ocean friendly fabrics; we plan to change that. 


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